Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 ~ Donation Quilts

First donation quilt of 2019 to be sent Camp Fire Survivor
Another great year making donation quilts is finished with over 35 quilts pieced, quilted and off to new homes.  The quilts are mostly in the 45" by 60" range. I made a  great top made for myself and one for my sister. I am looking forward to 2019 and seeing what this year brings. I am hoping that my quilting skills will branch out to include more than just free motion quilting with a simple meandering.

Close Up

Another quilt for a Camp Fire survivor 

With some pillowcases to go with it.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Quilt for Jenny & Al

This quilt top is scheduled to become a king size bed topper for Jenny and Al.  It's made from my hand-dyed fabrics.  Finished piecing the top today.  Now onto dyeing a backing for it and then onto having it quilted.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Quilts of Valor

About a week ago I decided to use more of my Flock of Geese blocks to put another top together.  I have over 70 of the blocks in all colors.   Since Quilts of Valor seem to prefer mostly quilts of red and blue I added just some gold/yellows to make this top.  Then just a few days ago I pulled out more of the blocks and put another top together for them.  They will look so much better after they are quilted.  That leaves me close to 60 blocks, after the New Year I'll decided what to do with them.  So for 2018 I have made 32 donation quilts and about 1/2 of them I pieced and quilted them.  Wonder how many I'll make in 2019??

Friday, December 14, 2018

Memories of Christmas Past

As I decorate I pause as I unpack the ornaments remembering who gave me each one and what their love and friendship means to me.

Pine cone wreath that hung in our Glenolden house.
Every year I'd buy us one ornament for the tree.

With Love from Mom and Dad

With Love from Philippa
With Love from Audrey

and more Love from Audrey
With Love from Ellyn

With Love from Bonnie

Garland for the tree I strung back in the early 70's.  Each strand was one color so I cut the strands, placed them in different bowels and restrung.
Garland on the tree

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Quilts of Valor

Recently, I found out there's a quilting group for Quilts of Valor meeting close to my home at the Cape- May Lewis Ferry Terminal. I joined this past Friday, gifting them a scrappy quilt top I'd made quite a number of years ago. They'll have it quilted and it will be given to a veteran or serviceman or woman. Lots of new friends to make as there were about 50 women making quilts. One of the women came over to me and introduced herself as a quilting student as mine from 1987 when I was new to Cape May County. Pretty neat! I brought home a quilt top kit and it's together now. 
This top is actually 72" by 72" with 6 blocks across and 6 blocks down.

Made from a quilt kit supplied by QoV.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

My Yard ~ Brazilian Skipper ~ Oh What a Year!

It has been the year of the Brazilian Skipper for me and much of NJ.  Several weeks ago I dug up the cannas for the winter to store in the garage. As I cut the stalks off I found over 2 dozen spent chrysalis indicating there were many more of these skippers in the yard then I originally thought.  At the time I also found another 4 chrysalises that I put into the garage.  It was amazing that any looked good with the fall winds we had been having. On November 29th, the last one eclosed and became a butterfly.  We were having OK weather at the time so he was let go and hopefully, made it South.
Brazilian Skipper caterpillar silking his nest area 11/4/18

Some of the spent Chrysalises  11/19/18

Chrysalises looking viable 11/19/18

Brazilian Skipper eclosed 11/29/18

Close-up Brazilian Skipper eclosed 11/29/18