Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quilts finished in memory of Bev Bennett

As I said in my last post BevB was a motivating force behind Sunshine Quilters, an online quilting group that makes quilts for Wrap-A-Smile and Wrap-Them-in-Love. Bev quilted hundreds of quilts per year. We (members) would make the quilts and mail them to her. She would add batting, backing, then quilt and bind them before mailing them off to one of our 2 groups. When Bev died I had about 15 quilts waiting to be shipped for quilting so I sat down and started quilting them myself. I have 6 totally finished and batting for 2 more tops. Pictured are some of the tops I recently finished up. There are 2 similar of each top though the fabric varies. Bev also quilted hearts somewhere on each quilt top so I have done the same.