Friday, July 29, 2011

Hereford Lighthouse Gardens

My yard

This summer has been a busy summer between work, birding, photographing birds, flowers and lots of nature but add into that mix the fact that I have been redoing part of my front and back yards.

Last year I added several yards of dirt and made a space for a garden in the backyard. I added in a waterfall for the birds and the soothing sounds. This year I had 20 yards of dirt delivered twice and had most of each load moved into the back yard.

My sister, Jenny and I planted a good number of plants and flowers both annuals and perennials. Now we need to wait as the growing takes place. To me it still looks bare but it will fill in soon enough.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Herons - July 22

Thursday evening we decided to visit CM Point State Park's beach to see if there were any Black Skimmers around as there have been few seen down here so far this year. We saw about a dozen Skimmers but because the winds were really bad all birds were hunkered down and not flying. Going down to the beach as we passed the first pond there was a juvenile Green Heron while going back we saw 2 juvenile or first summer Green Herons.

When I went back in the morning back at the stream you reach between the second and third ponds I found an adult Green Heron catching small fish for breakfast.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

more flower pictures

Hereford Lighthouse Gardens- North Wildwood- July 21st

Today Jane and I were to go out birding but when I woke up it was really foggy. Over to her house in NW I went but it was really to foggy to go anywhere so we decided to go to the gardens at the Hereford Lighthouse as they are in their prime right now.

Jane has 3 extension tubes that go between the camera and the lens whicj allow you to get even closer closeup's and in focus. She offered to let me try 2 of them out which was great of her and fun for me. Now I need to buy myself a set along with a 70-200 lens. Oh and we need to go up to visit Longwood Gardens in PA! I haven't been there to take flower pictures for 25 years.

Wordless Wednesday - July 20th

Osprey's - July 19th

After work today I stopped by my favorite Osprey platform to see how everyone was faring. The chicks are starting to jump up in the nest to "catch some air" as they begin to learn how to fly. It is fun to see them act surprised when the air catches them and lifts them upward before they fall back into the nest


July 15th

By The Light of the Silvery Moon....

Clapper Rails - July 11th

Don't know why I enjoy the Clapper Rails and their chicks so much but I do. There are up to 6 chicks around Mom and Dad Clapper when they are out in the Salt Marshes. The chicks are growing quickly.

One Good Scratch Deserves Another - July 15

Black Skimmers & Osprey chick July 9th

Black Skimmers continue to be seen at the Meadows but even though the males are going through the mating ritual there have been no nests found. It is hoped that in the future the species will use the beach there as a nesting area. One of these days I'd be happy to see them skimming along the ocean catching their dinner.

My best Osprey chick picture of the day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

the Meadows - July 8th

Back to the Meadows to try and capture more pictures of the Least Tern chicks. The littlest ones were still too far away to get good pictures with my lens but there were some older chicks and one that was starting to fledge. Then Dad, who had been off catching fish for breakfast, brought it home to Mom and baby. It's fun to watch their antics.

There were also several Piping Plover chicks and they have also grown and have feathers instead of down.