Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fantastic weekend

I signed up for a new class through the Cape May Bird Observatory, Introduction to Bird Photography taught by professional photography and birder Scott Whittle. What an awesome class and spectacular teacher! We started Saturday at 8AM at the CM State Point Park by walking one of the trails and were able to observe and photograph a number of different species of birds. Everyone had more birding experience than myself but several had less photographic experience than me. But not to worry also along for the class was CMBO staffer Don Freiday who helped with the sighting of birds. We shot pictures for several hours and then went to the classroom for a few hours of instruction and lunch before heading out in the afternoon to the North End of Avalon to shoot along the sea wall. While in Avalon Scott received a twitter that a Black-Necked Stilt was spotted in the West Cape May impoundments. Scott offered to continue the bird seeking after class hours starting with the stilt so off we went to WCM. Birds pictured are Carolina Wren, Mallard in breeding plummage, Laughing Gull in breeding plummage and Piping Plovers.

Sunday AM we started at David Douglas Memorial Park adjacent to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal shooting flying gulls. Then we walked down the beach along the bay spotting a group of small shorebirds. The birds were a mixture of Piping Plovers and some Sanderlings. I had never seen a Piping Plover up close even though for years I have heard how the nest in this area. It was so cool to see one up close. Then we were off to 2 more spots along the bay. There has been a Black-headed Gull in town that's not usually found in this area so we stopped off hoping to see it. As luck would have it there it was but the gull was skiddish so all I shot were some ID photos. After breaking for lunch we meet back up in the classroom to share our photos and receive some hints on how to take a better photo and how to clean the birds up in our software.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring has arrived

Finally, we have some wonderful weather for getting out and walking. Spring to me has always meant crocuses and daffodils but this year it means new species of birds to see and learn. I am eagerly waiting for spring migration to start. Last weekend I spotted some American Oystercatchers on the beach in Cape May Point. On Tuesday while walking in the Meadows I saw a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret.