Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lake Champlain Villas, NJ

Today I stopped by Lake Champlain which really isn't a lake but more a retention pond in a residential area. There were male and female Mallards and off in the distance a few Coots.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birding at Avalon Seawall

Today I wanted to get out and see some more ducks. I saw a number from a good distance but none up very close that I could watch. I think that Avalon is probably better when the tides are higher, bringing the water fowl in closer to the jetty. Pictures are of Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and a Surf Scoter.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Brig & Barnaget Birding - con't

When I was finished at Brig, I drove up to LBI.

One summer when I was a teenager I stayed on LBI for 3 weeks while my family went out West on a camping trip. I stayed on the South end of the island and don't remember ever going up past Surf City, which is Mid island. Boy, has LBI grown with a WAWA when you first get on the island, big mansions along the beach that are privately owned and deny beach access to all with no trespassing signs. It seemed to take forever to drive up island to the lighthouse.

In the parking lot of the lighthouse I saw some birders/photographers who had their scopes and cameras visible so I stopped them to talk with them. They said they'd had a great time and to hurry out to the jetty but to be careful out there on the rocks. I found Brant, male and female Harlequin Ducks, an immature Great Cormorant, Scaup, Black Scoters, lots of different gulls and Purple Sandpipers. I heard there was a Harbor Seal swiming in and out by the jetty but I never did see him. Maybe next trip I'll get lucky. I never did get to go south on the island so next time I plan to drive down to the south end and see how it's changed.

Brig & Barnaget Birding

Pictures from Brig - Great Black-backed Gull, Snow Geese flying, Snow Geese in water, Female and Male Northern Shoveler, male and female Northern Pintail.

Last Friday the weather forecast was great for birding and photography. Temperatures were to be in the 50's with little wind and a slightly cloudy day. I felt like I wanted to get out and enjoy myself so I decided to go Edwin Forysthe (Brig), followed by going to Long Beach Island to Barnaget Lighthouse.

I have been hearing that lots of ducks and snow geese hang out at Brig in the winter. I have also heard that the place to find Harlequin Ducks in the winter is up at Barnaget Lighthouse. I'd never been to either place so the day would be an new experience for me and when I set off I wondered what delights were in store for the day.

Brig had lots of snow geese which was a first for me. I also saw a number of species of ducks, some of which I can't ID, plus several hawks. I took the 8 mile drive around the impoundments.

garage addition

Gosh, the month of February has just flown by with me working on painting the second story garage addition plus in the main house the altered master bedroom, new master bath and sitting room. 3 coats in each room starting with primer on the walls and ceilings before getting 2 coats of paint on them. My sister, Jenny helped with the painting. Trust me that's a lot of painting. Jenny also helps by cooking the meals so I can keep on working.

I'll be glad to have the flooring down in the bathrooms so I can can have them finished by the plumber. Even if the flooring has to wait in my new space, the space will be useable once the bathroom is done. Once the weather gets a little better I plan on getting the garage reorganized and hanging up my old kitchen cabinets in there.