Thursday, March 31, 2011

More birds-March 2011 con't

Taken in Cape May Point, NJ in March - Daffodils, Lichen, American Robin, male and female Northern Cardinals, White-throated Sparrow,
Lichen on branch

Birds March 2011

Taken at Miami Beach, Villas, NJ 3/12 Laughing Gull in breeding plummage having a tasty treat and Ring-billed Gull
Taken in Avalon, NJ on 3/18 American Oystercatchers and Purple Sandpipers

Taken at Heislerville and Turkey Point, Cumberland County, NJ on 3/19 - Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs, Turtles and Mourning Cloak Butterflies.

New charity quilt tops finished

Here are some recent quilt tops I made and quilted for different charities. There are 2 close ups of my quilting plus the back of the wild animals top. I like the back as much as the front. I am getting good at using panels. I have 14 quilts done so far for 2011. I am hoping to complete and average of 3 per month. I have barely used any of my stash and have lots left to use. I might actually break down and buy some greens for blenders.