Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Yard ~ Great Purple Hairstreak

What a fun afternoon!  I have been working on my photography in small breaks of time trying to learn more about how to properly use the camera so that I can take better images.  I am using one of the "Dummies for Books."  I went outside with my camera to take some images in the garden when I saw a Great Purple Hairstreak.  I knew immediately what butterfly it was though I didn't realize they were that much larger than a Gray or Red-banded Hairstreak.  She was nectaring on some Coreopsis in the front garden.  I took some documentation shots and then ran into get my camera that had the macro lens on it plus called my sister, Jenny out to see it.  Fortunately, it was still there when we came out.  I took more images and we watched it for about 20 minutes until it flew off into the dunes across the street.  After that I went into find out if we had ever had a GPH on our SJ Butterfly Log.  I could find no entries so I emailed Jack C to let him know about the butterfly.  I sure am hoping that she'll return and hang out some more.

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